Séminaires du laboratoire

03/07/2023Ismail BEN AYED, Professeur, ETS Montréal, Transductive Few-Shot LearningFangchen FENGE303
14/06/2023Marc IBRAHIM, Associate Professor at Saint Joseph University of Beirut, LebanonSaadi BOUDJITE303
16/05/2023Cristian MARTIN, Associate Professor at ERTIS (Embedded Real-Time Systems), University of Malaga, Spain, Overview on research activities at ERTIS groupKhaled BOUSSETTAAmphi Darwin
14/03/2023Beiji ZOU (Professor, School of Computer Science, Central South University, China), Multi-Label Classification Scheme Based on Local Regression for Retinal Vessel SegmentationFangchen FENG, Ken CHENE303
08/12/2022Journée scientifique du laboratoireAnissa MOKRAOUIAmphi Copernic
20/10/2022Stefania COLONNESE (Associate Professor of Telecommunications University-La Sapienza, Rome,
Italie), Ongoing research activity on Extended Reality communications : from non-Euclidean data
modeling to network-assisted data processing
20/10/2022Faouzi Alaya CHEIHK (Professeur, NTNU, Gjovik, Norway), Applied Visual Computing Research
at SDDE (Software, Data and Digital Ecosystems Research Group)
19/04/2022Thuong LE-TIEN (Professeur, Institut Polytechnique de HoChiMinh ville (ou HCMUT)), « Graphbase
Signal processing to convolutional Neural Network for medical image segmentation »
Marie LUONGAmphi Becquerel
09/12/2021Journée scientifique du laboratoireAnissa MOKRAOUIAmphi Darwin
05/10/2021Zohaib Amjad KHAN, Medical image and video quality assessment and enhancementFangchen FENGE303
29/06/2021Abdulhalim DANDOUSH, Network Functions and Protocols : Evaluation and OptimizationSaadi BOUDJITE303
18/06/2021Salvador RUIZ CORREA, The You-i Lab : Building the present by empowering the youngSaadi BOUDJITE303
07/12/2020Journée scientifique du laboratoireAnissa MOKRAOUIDistanciel
29/11/2019Journée scientifique du laboratoireAnissa MOKRAOUIAmphi Euler
21/06/2019Audace MANIRABONA, Cooperative transmission to enhance intra and inter WBAN performancesSaadi BOUDJITE303
04/12/2018Journée scientifique du laboratoireAnissa MOKRAOUIAmphi Copernic
22/11/2018Journée scientifique de l’institut GaliléeInstitut Galilée
01/10/2018Audace MANIRABONA, A priority based scheduling strategy and a channel width adaptation with a
game theory approach for a WBAN based Healthcare Monitoring System
27/09/2018Xinggong ZHANG, QoE-driven Adaptive VR Video StreamingSaadi BOUDJITE303
05/12/2017Journée scientifique du laboratoireAnissa MOKRAOUIAmphi Copernic