Séminaires de l’équipe Réseaux

18/06/2021Salvador RUIZ CORREAThe You-i Lab: Building the present by empowering the youngEn ligne
15/06/2021Abdulhalim DANDOUSHNetwork functions and protocols: Evaluation and optimizationEn ligne
07/06/2021Yassine HADJADJ-AOULAccess control in NB-IoT networks: a deep reinforcement learning strategyEn ligne
21/06/2019Audace MANIRABONAAI methodologies to support automated analysisof sight threatening eye diseasesE303
28/03/2019Elena CINQUE (University of L’Aquila, L’Aquila, Italy)A Comprehensive Framework for Next Generation of Cooperative ITSsE303
01/10/2018Audace MANIRABONAA priority based scheduling strategy and a channel width adaptation with a game
theory approach for a WBAN based Healthcare Monitoring System
27/09/2018XingGong ZHANGQoE-driven Adaptive VR Video StreamingE303
11/07/2017XingGong ZHANG (Peking University, China)Cache-aware Routing in Information-centric NetworkE303
10/06/2016Yan LI (University of Yunnan Minzu, China)Wireless Cooperative Networks & Industrial NetworksE303
11/02/2016Professor Michele NOGUEIRA (Federal University of Paraná, Brazil)A Framework for Resilient and Secure Spectrum Sensing on Cognitive Radio NetworksE303
02/07/2014Roozbeh JAFARI (Université du Texas à Dallas, USA)Catch the Wave of the Wearable Gadgets!E303
27/09/2013Professor José-Marcos NOGUEIRA (Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil)Topics in delay tolerant network management, wireless sensor network applications in monitoring, and opportunistic off-loadingE303
14/03/2013Roozbeh JAFARI (Université du Texas à Dallas, USA)Wireless Health: Challenges and OpportunitiesAmphi Fermat
19/03/2013Professor Nabil TABBANE (SupCom Tunis, Tunisia)Gestion de la mobilité dans les réseaux et interconnexion des réseaux hétérogènesE303
15/02/2013Professor Miguel Angel LEON CHAVEZ (Autonomous University of Puebla, Mexico)Interconnection of IEEE 1609 and CANE303
26/06/2012Wissam FAWAZ (Lebanese American University)Enhancement of Blocking Performance in All-optical WDM Networks via Wavelength Reassignment and Route DeviationE303
23/03/2012Professor Sartaj SAHNI (University of Florida, USA)Green ComputingE303
05/04/2012Professor E. ELMALLAH (University of Alberta)On Increasing Resource Sharing in Wireless Sensor NetworksE303
20/02/2012Professor Madjid MERABTI (Liverpool John Moores University, UK)Energy Supply Chain SecurityAmphi Darwin