Articles de l’équipe Réseaux dans des revues internationales avec comité de lecture


2023 :

  • Nouman Bashir, Saadi Boudjit, and Gabriel Dauphin. An obstacle avoidance approach for UAV path planning. International Journal on Simulation Modelling Practice and Theory, 129 :102815, December 2023.
  • Leila Benarous, Benamar Kadri, and Saadi Boudjit. Camouflage-based location privacy preserving scheme in vehicular ad-hoc networks. International Journal of Vehicle Information and Communication Systems, 8(3) :217-236, August 2023.
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  • Gladys Diaz and Mohammed Chahbar. Towards a QoS-aware network virtual deployment for network-asa-service. Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Humanized Computing – Springer, October 2023.
  • Nouman Bashir, Saadi Boudjit, and Gabriel Dauphin. A connectivity aware path planning for a fleet of uavs in an urban environment : Supplementary material. supplementary material for the corresponding paper entitled « a connectivity aware path planning for a fleet of uavs in an urban environment » published in ieee transactions on intelligent transportation systems, June 2023.


2022 :

  • Haodan Zhang, Yixuan Ban, Zongming Guo, Ken Chen, and Xinggong Zhang. Ram360 : Robust adaptive multi-layer 360 video streaming with lyapunov optimization. IEEE Transactions on Multimedia, online publication date (Early Access) :05/05/2022. DOI : 10.1109/TMM.2022.3172550. Editeur : IEEE
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  • Nawel Zangar, Nabil Tabbane, Eya Dhib and Khaled Boussetta. Cost, energy, and response delay awareness-solution for cloud resources management : proposition of a predictive dynamic algorithm for vms allocation over a distributed cloud infrastructure. Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Humanized Computing, 13(4) :2119-2129, 2022. Editeur : Springer
  • Celia Yasmine Tazibt, Nadjib Achir, and Tounsia Djamah. Online drone-based data gathering strategies for ground sensor networks. International Journal of Sensor Networks, 38(3) :177-190, 2022. Editeur : INDERSCIENCE Publishers


2021 :

  • Mohammed Chahbar, Gladys Diaz, Abdulhalim Dandoush, Christophe Cérin, and Kamal Ghoumid. A comprehensive survey on the E2E 5g network slicing model. IEEE Trans. Netw. Serv. Manag., 18(1) :49-62, 2021. Editeur : IEEE
  • Fatima Zahra Rabahi, Saadi Boudjit, Mohamed Benaissa, and Chems Eddine Bemmoussat. A 3d mobility model in flying ad hoc network for real-time emergency applications. International journal of Telecommunications and Radio Engineering, pages 75-88, July 2021. Editeur : BEGELL Multimedia


2020 :

  • Shuopeng Li, Mohand Yazid Saidi and Ken Chen. Survivable services oriented protection level-aware virtual network embedding. Computer Communications, 152 :34-45, February 2020. Editeur : Elsevier
  • Jin Cui, Khaled Boussetta and Fabrice Valois. Classiffication of data aggregation functions in wireless sensor networks. Computer Networks, 178, September 2020. Editeur : Elsevier
  • Ghulam Abbas, Ziaul Haq Abbas Shahab Haider, Thar Baker, Saadi Boudjit, and Fazal Muhammad. Pdmac : A priority-based enhanced tdma protocol for warning message dissemination in vanets. Sensors, 20 :45, 2020. Editeur : MDPI
  • Shahab Haider, Ghulam Abbas, Ziaul Haq Abbas, Saadi Boudjit, and Zahid Halim. P-dacca : A probabilistic direction-aware cooperative collision avoidance scheme for vanets. Future Generation Computer Systems, 103 :1-17, 2020. Editeur : Elsevier


2019 :

  • Houssemeddine Mazouzi, Nadjib Achir, and Khaled Boussetta. DM2-ECOP : an efficient computation offloading policy for multi-user multi-cloudlet mobile edge computing environment. ACM Transactions on Internet Technology, 19(2) :24 :1-24 :24, 2019. Editeur : ACM
  • Houssemeddine Mazouzi, Khaled Boussetta, and Nadjib Achir. Maximizing mobiles energy saving through tasks optimal offloading placement in two-tier cloud : A theoretical and an experimental study. Computer Communications, 144 :132-148, 2019. Editeur : Elsevier


2018 :

  • Arslane Hamza-Cherif, Khaled Boussetta, Gladys Diaz, and Fedoua Lahfa. Performance evaluation and comparative study of main VDTN routing protocols under small and large-scale scenarios. Ad Hoc Networks, 81 :122-142, 2018. Editeur : Elsevier
  • Ismail Bezzine, Mounir Kaaniche, Saadi Boudjit, and Azeddine Beghdadi. Sparse optimization of non separable vector lifting scheme for stereo image coding. Journal of Visual Communication and Image Representation, 57 :283-293, 2018. Editeur : Elsevier
  • Nour El Houda Bahloul, Saadi Boudjit, Marwen Abdennebi and Djallel Eddine Boubiche. A flockingbased on demand routing protocol for unmanned aerial vehicles. Journal of Computer Science and Technology, 33(2) :263-276, 2018. Editeur : Springer
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2017 :

  • Meriem KHELIFI, Mohand Yazid Saidi and Saadi Boudjit. Solving the capacitated network design problem in two steps. International Journal of Advances in Science, Technology and Engineering Systems (ASTESJ), 2(3) :291-301, May 2017. Editeur : ASTES Publishers
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  • Mustapha Bekhti, Nadjib Achir, Khaled Boussetta, and Marwen Abdennebi. Drone package delivery : A heuristic approach for uavs path planning and tracking. Endorsed Transactions on Internet of Things, 17(9), 2017. Editeur : European Alliance for Innovation (EAI)