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Universite Paris 13
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Welcome to laboratory of Information Processing and Transmission (L2TI) - EA3043

Laboratoire de Traitement et Transport de l'Information was founded at the university Paris 13 in 1998, and was recognized as “Equipe d’Accueil” (EA3043) by the French Ministry of Education and Research in 1999. The L2TI main research focus is on the development of applied and theoretical research on Data Processing and Transmission. More specifically, the topics addressed by the L2TI are related to multimedia content processing and analysis, and computer networking. The L2TI is structured into 2 teams,
working on these two fields of research.
 The laboratory is  involved in several national and international projects.

Director: Anissa MOKRAOUI

Multimedia GROUP

The team "Visual Information Processing and Analysis " was founded in 2003. The research topics developed in this team are focused primarily on issues related to the image analysis and processing. We develop bio-inspired approaches  for visual information modeling, analysis, processing and coding. The team is structured in two research groups:

  • Quality and Representation of Multimedia Content
  • Analysis of Multimedia Information and Learning

Team leader : Anissa MOKRAOUI


Network Group is involved in several research projects related to communications networks, multimedia communications, broadband networks and sensor networks with a focus on quality of service, routing, and allocation and control of resources on networks both wired and wireless.

Team leader : Ken Chen

Contact & Access

L2TI , Institut Galilée, UP 13
99, avenue Jean-Baptiste Clément
F-93430 Villetaneuse
ico telephone  +33 1 49 40 28 59
ico fax  +33 1 49 40 40 61
ico email  secretariat-l2ti[at]univ-paris13.fr

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