Classification of Hyperspectral Images using Machine Learning

Gabriel Dauphin

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Course 1

An introduction to hyperspectral images.

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Example of answers: project0a.pdf, reviewer0a.pdf, (built using project0a.tex and bib.bib, note that Word or any other software could be used.)

Example of Wikipedia page on the Hyperion Earth observation satelliteEarth_Observing-1.pdf

Course 2

An introduction to Machine Learning.assignment2.pdf content2.pdf content2.htm

Matlab Tutorial matlab.htm

Course 3

Data splitting for binary classification.assignment3.pdf content3.pdf content3.htm lecture3.docx

Course 4

ROC curves and linear classifiers for binary classifications assignment4.pdf content4.pdf content4.htm lecture4.txt

Course 5

Loss functions in the binary classification context

Extending linear classification to the multiclass context assignment5.pdf content5.pdf content5.htm lecture5.txt

Course 6

Extending splitting to the multiclass context

Training decision trees assignment6.pdf content6.pdf content6.htm lecture6.txt

Course 7

Building new features to be used by linear classifiers

K Nearest Neighbor Algorithm

Using a validation data set to address the overfitting issue assignment7.pdf content7.pdf content7.htm specialX.png specialY.png lecture7.txt

Course 8

Ensemble classifiers assignment8.pdf content8.pdf content8.htm lecture8.txt



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