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                                          Master’s internship subject
                               Optimization Method for High Dynamic Range Tone
                                                                 Mapping Images

                                                                                         February, 8th, 2017

Duration : 6 months.
Location : Laboratoire de Traitement et de Transport de l’Information.
Required skills:
       Initial training in digital image processing.
       Good programming skills.
Key words :
       Images, High Dynamic Range (HDR), Low Dynamic Range (LDR), Tone Mapping
       Optimization, Tone Mapping Image Quality Index (TMQI).
Supervisors :
      B. Matei (LIPN);
      A. Mokraoui (L2TI).
Contact :
A. Mokraoui
     01 49 40 40 60
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Brief description of the subject
Most of the current screens, called LDR (Low Dynamic Range) screens, are not able to
render the lighting of the real scene as faithfully as we perceive it. The technology of these
devices does not allow the display of the wide dynamic range of colors and intensities of
this type of images, called HDR (High Dynamic Range) images. The computer graphics
community, the film and video game industry are actively working on this issue. Tone
mapping (or tone mapping) is one of the proposed solutions. This method seeks to reduce
the dynamics of HDR images so as to ensure the visualization of the images mapped on
LDR screens with the constraint of a rendering that is as faithful to the reality.

     The aim of this internship is to improve the developed tone mapping approach given
in reference [1]. Some parameters that have been selected empirically will be adjusted
according to the TMQI metric to enhance the quality of the tone mapped images [2].

Simulations will support the study.

[1] Guoping Qiu, Jian Guan, Jian Duan and Min Chen “Tone Mapping for HDR Image using
Optimization A New Closed Form Solution,” International Conference on Pattern Recogni-
tion, ICPR 2006.
[2] Kede Ma, Hojatollah Yeganeh, Kai Zeng and Zhou Wang “High Dynamic Range Image Tone
Mapping by Optimizing Tone Mapped Image Quality Index,” IEEE International Conference
on Multimedia and Expo, ICME 2014, Chengdu, China, July 2014

Contact & Access

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