The list of accepted papers


Regular Papers

Paper IDPaper Title
3 A New Pooling Strategy For Image Quality Metrics: Five Number Summary
5 A New Fractional-Order Variational Model For Speckled Denoising
9 New FMO Type To Flag ROI In H.264/AVC
10 Detecting Packed Executables Using Steganalysis
12 Statistical Modeling Of Perceptual Blur Degradation In The Wavelet Domain
13 Evolutionary Feature Synthesis By Multi-Dimensional Particle Swarm Optimization
18 Real-Time Enhancement Of RGB-D Point Clouds Using Piecewise Plane Fitting
21 3D-Aided Face Recognition From Videos
23 Texture Matching Using Local And Global Descriptors
25 An Algorithm For Automatic People Tracking From Depth Map Sequences
26 Using Sparse Coding For Landmark Localization In Facial Expressions
27 Image Phylogeny Through Dissimilarity Metrics Fusion
28 Towards Automated Analysis Of Dynamic Scene Eye Tracking Recordings
30 Weber Local Descriptor From Three Orthogonal Planes Based Video Copy Detection
31 Models Of Eye Movements In Multiple Object Tracking With Many Objects
34 Image Visual Quality Metrics Verification By TID2013: Exploring Of Mean Square Error Drawbacks
35 Improved Side Matching For Matched-Texture Coding
37 Objective Keyword Selection For Lecture Video Annotation
41 A Image Fusion Method Based On Double Scale Undecimated Morphorlogical Wavelets
42 Blind Document Image Enhancement Based On Diffusion Process
43 An Efficient 2D And 3D Face Recognition Based Histograms Of Local Descriptors Using Score Level Fusion
44 Multi-Sensor Data Fusion For Realistic And Accurate 3D Reconstruction
45 Video Camera Detection Using Audio-Visual Features
46 Multi-Scale Segmentation For Remote Sensing Imagery Based On Minimum Heterogeneity Rule
48 A Study On The Effects Of Quality Of Service Parameters On Perceived Video Quality
50 CT-Scanner Identification Based On Sensor Noise Analysis
52 Segmentation-Based 3D Dynamic Mesh Compression Scheme.
53 Multivariate Statistical Modeling For Stereo Image Retrieval
55 Adaptive Level Of Detail Rendering Estimation Based On Wavelet Transform
61 Face Recognition With A Novel Image Representation: Local Walsh-Hadamard Transform
63 A New No-Reference Image Quality Assessment Based On SVR Fusion
64 Stereo Video Analysis For Instrument Tracking In Laparoscopic Surgery
65 A Novel Spatial Pooling Technique For Image Quality Assessment Based On Luminance-Contrast Dependence
66 Design Of 2D Wedge Filters And Their Applications In Oriented Line Extraction
67 A Fixed-Point Image Denoising Algorithm With Automatic Window Selection
69 Lossless Compression Of Regions-Of-Interest From Retinal Images
70 Database And Baseline System For Detecting Degraded Traffic Signs In Urban Environments
71 Hierarchical MRI Segmentation Of The Musculoskeletal System Using Texture Analysis And Topologigcal Constraints
73 Nonnegative Matrix Factorization With Spatial Prior And Reference Spectra Application To Remote Hyperspectral Image Understanding
76 Perceptual Watermarking For Discrete Shearlet Transform
77 Tied Factor Analysis Using Bagging For Heterogeneous Face Recognition
80 Optimized Residual Image For Stereo Image Coding
82 Experimental Study On Luminance Preprocessing For Energy-Aware Http-Based Mobile Video Streaming
88 On Improved Spread Spectrum Watermark Detection Under Compressive Sampling
90 Correspondence Matching Based On Higher Order Statistics For Multi-View Plus Depth Video Sequences
91 Motion Estimation Based Detection Of Roadside Vegetation
93 Color Image Illumination Enhancement With A Homomorphic Filtering Technique
95 Influence Of Video Resolution, Viewing Device And Audio Quality On Perceived Multimedia Quality For Steaming Applications
96 Data Cleaning And Outlier Removal: Application In Human Skin Detection
98 Trajectory Feature Fusion For Human Action Recognition
99 The Influence Of Chromatic Aberration On Demosaicking
104 Image Processing And Classification In Diabetic Retinopathy: A Review

Short Papers

Paper IDPaper Title
38 Visuo-perceptual Validation Methods For Physically Based Image Synthesis
87 Detection Of Aesthetic Anomalies From Texture Features
102 A Brief Overview On Specular Reflection Removal Techniques For Endoscopic Images/Videos
106 A New Dense Disparity Map Estimation Algorithm Using Joint Entropy-Distortion Metric
Stephen Grossberg Stephen Grossberg
Boston University, USA.
Thrasos Pappas Thrasos Pappas
Northwestern University Evanston, USA.
Jean Ponce Jean Ponce
École Normale Supérieure, France.
Christian Timmerer Christian Timmerer
Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt, Austria.
Marcin Detyniecki Marcin Detyniecki
Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris, France.
Guido Bologna Guido Bologna
University of Geneva, Switzerland.



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